Unique and Original Celebrity X-Rays

22 07 2009
Valerie Bertinelli Celebrity X-Ray Nude

Eddie VanHalen, you fucked up when you lost this Super Cougar!

Check out our first Celebrity X-Ray Compilation !

Thanks for visiting our 100% FREE Celebrity X-Ray Galleries!  We use cutting edge imaging software and techniques to let you see right through your favorite female celebrity’s fashions. While they tease with sheer fabrics, skimpy bikinis and super tight clothes, we “help” them please – by giving you an X-Ray view of the goods!

These pictures go way beyond a simple brightness/contrast or level manipulation effect, many of them require several hours of work.  We aren’t aiming to be technical purists, but to instead give you the most exciting and effective visualization tool available.  We want a clear idea of what our favorite celebrities look like, minus their wardrobe . . . don’t you?

All of the images are 100% original pixels– this means no copying from other images, cloning, or any other “fakery”.  We only enhance, brighten, darken or color correct what is already inherent in the image.  Our goal is to take the clothes off the celebrity, without altering the shape or position of anything underneath.

We have seen the same Celeb X Ray pics all over the web, over and over.  Most of the credit for those well known images goes to the masters over at Phun.  Hats off to you, gents (and lady).  Part of our intent here is to find the celebs and pictures overlooked on the epic Celebrity X-Ray thread on Phun – and to rework many of the same photos, in order to offer more “visual” options to fans like ourselves.

We are well aware of the arguments and semantic struggles that have arisen in the past over work of this nature.  Some people will insist that these pictures should be classified as Celebrity Fakes, or that our methods are not “valid”.  So be it.  Call them and classify them however you like, we are more likely to spend our time working on, or looking at the pics, than fighting about what to call them.  We are here seeking an end result, as opposed to a strict set of rules on how to achieve those results.  Let’s call it a blend of Art and Science.

New Celeb X-Rays will be added on a regular basis, so bookmark, subscribe, or just stop by often.  Sign-Up to email us with your requests, questions or comments.

Some of the celebs we have undressed include:

Christina Aguilera (Musician)
Jessica Simpson (Musician, Actress)
Britney Spears (Musician)
Jennifer Love Hewitt (Actress)
Jessica Alba (Actress)
Lindsay Lohan (Actress)
Laura SanGiacomo (Actress)
Valerie Bertinelli (Actress)
Alicia Keys (Musician)
Amanda Bynes (Actress)
Danica Patrick (Celebrity)
Emma Watson (Actress)
Hillary Duff (Musician)
Jessica Beil (Actress)
Katherine Heigl (Actress)
Dolly Parton (Actress, Musician)

. . . and TONS more.

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20 responses

26 10 2009

i would love to find out more about this software to download and try it myself. what is the name of it and where can i find it?

27 10 2009

It’s called Adobe Photoshop. It’s pretty damn expensive, if you buy it – but I’m sure you can find it somewhere online for free.

27 10 2009

thanks for the info. if i have any problems when i find it would i be able to get some help or know a place i can get some help to use this?

27 10 2009

If you have never used PS before, you might find it slightly overwhelming. I did a Google search on the phrase ‘Photoshop tutorial’ and found tons of websites out there teaching the basics. To learn about how we make our x-rays you could take a look at the How-To vid we posted here: http://celebrityscandalxray.thumblogger.com/home/howTo.html

28 10 2009

just wanted to see if this works with photoshop cs4 extended? also if you have a chance could you show me online through messenger? i think it would be easier than watching the video if it is in a different photoshop. if not thats cool.

28 10 2009

The main tools of Photoshop haven’t really changed a whole lot in the last 15 years. The version of Photoshop in CS4 has all the same controls and tools used to make the vid. Magnetic Lasso, Layers, Dodge, Burn, Levels and Brightness/Contrast should be enough to get you going . . .

If you need to take a few days to familiarize with the basics of PS, check YouTube for tutorial vids.

If you are still having trouble after watching our how-to and getting in some practice, I’ll try to make the time for a one on one . . .

29 10 2009

I like this theme – great idea 🙂

29 10 2009

Thank you very much! 😀

15 11 2009

Looks like WP is shutting us down. The site has been frozen, so I’m doing my best to let visitors know what’s up by leaving a comment . . .

16 11 2009

keep us informed if you get a new site. i like the idea. keep up the good work.

17 11 2009

Will do. I might have been mistaken about WP shutting us down – someone from Customer Service contacted me and asked me to remove some of the links. I thought they were going to give me grief about the adult content, but nothing was mentioned . . .

Any luck with CS4, Les? Let me know if there’s anything I can do to help.

17 11 2009

I havent had any luck with figuring it out. If you could help in anyway I would really appreciate it. I got some cool pics that i want to see if I can do that to but no luck.

17 11 2009

If you haven’t watched the How-To vid, I would start there. Once you have the basic idea down, I can answer questions . . .

17 11 2009

I have watched it and i cant seem to get it to where i can see anything. i dont know what i am doing.

17 11 2009

It may just be the source image you are using? The shapes and outlines are pretty subtle, sometimes – or maybe not visible at all in some shots. I started out working on pics where the celebs were wearing clothes that were already see-through.

I would start with a shot that’s already a little bit see-through, or a pic that we have already X-Rayed.

If you think it will help, I can post one of the images I have used. Maybe that shot of Lauren Graham in the tutorial? I know there e several Jessica Simpson pics that are real straight forward, too . . .

12 12 2009

Interesting issue, did not thought this was going to be so interesting when I read the link!!

26 12 2009

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11 07 2010

I love this site!!!!

29 09 2010

is this site still working? id like to see pics of lee ann womack,sara evans, kelly pickler, carrie underwood, kelly ripa

4 11 2011
Ivan Zomarrano

great site…

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