Unique and Original Celebrity X-Rays

22 07 2009

After almost a decade away, we’re back!

Many of the faces have changed in Hollywood, but the T&A has pretty much stayed the same.  We’ve been filing away every Celebrity Xray our crew produced over the years, and though they have been few and far between for a long time, we have awesome new content and we think it will be worth the wait.

Here’s a little sample:

Kourtney Kardashian Celebrity XRay

We think little sister Kourtney is the sexiset Kardashian.




We appreciate all the visitors to the site over the years, and though time seems to have gotten away from all of us here, none of us have lost our appetite for a good old fashioned Celeb X-Ray.  For us, it all boils down to time, energy, priorities, and how much of those resources can be dedicated to a hobby.

At first it was thrilling just to be able to reveal famous nude bodies with the software we had all been using for years.  Almost immediately, our Celebrity X-Ray website became something we wanted to see grow bigger, and it wasn’t long before we  we branched out to more websites in an effort to gain some ad revenue.  That decidion turned into a lot more businesslike work than intended, and really kind of took the fun out of doing the Xrays – and it didn’t even make enough money to pay for a cup of coffee.  We were the really small fish in every conceivable way, and even getting a top search ranking on Google did nothing to aid our nonexistant income.

Eventually our small team of Celebrity Xray artists lost the vital element of inspiration, along with the time and energy of trying to gain clicks and views and Google ranking and a bunch of other stuff that was not fun at all.  To fill in the gaps we even started commisisoning some prety awful Xrays that weren’t made by the core squad, which caused some friction between ourselves, and brought down the wrath of some of our visitors.  Comments were deleted, we were tired and embarrassed.  Something had to give, and that turned out to be all of us basically giving up.  It wasn’t working any more, and we all walked away from it without another post or Xray.

I won’t call it sad, but it was a bummer for the people who put the effort in to making a mark on our small corner of the internet.  It’s easy to see now, how and why it wasn’t working, but at that time we didn’t see any way to make it worth all the trouble.

But that was 2010, before the advent of cryptocurrency . . .

After taking a few years to let the sting of defeat wear away, the core squad started emailing each other again.  One of our team members had become interested in Bitcoin and the potential of cryptocurrency and Blockchain texhnology.  As we all learned more about how Bitcoin works, we realized that it would have been the perfect solution to our problem years ago.  We could have asked for small donations from our visitors, instead of annoying them for fractions of a penny.  Too bad, so sad, eh?

Maybe not, we thought.  Maybe this very simple business model could yet be made to work with the help of new, decentralized technology?  Maybe the old Celebrity X-Ray website could be dusted off and given new life, while giving the crew enough motivation to make it happen, and without the Internet Marketing insanity?

We don’t know, but that is the plan.

If you would be interested in donating a small amount of BTC, (or other cryptocurrency), to help fund future content development, please follow this
link to the Celebrity X-Ray Donation Page, for more information about
donation levels, donor rewards and special requests.

Sign-Up for the Celebrity X-Ray newsletter, and to email us with your requests, questions or comments.

Some of the celebs we have undressed include:

Christina Aguilera (Musician)
Jessica Simpson (Musician, Actress)
Britney Spears (Musician)
Jennifer Love Hewitt (Actress)
Jessica Alba (Actress)
Lindsay Lohan (Actress)
Laura SanGiacomo (Actress)
Valerie Bertinelli (Actress)
Alicia Keys (Musician)
Amanda Bynes (Actress)
Danica Patrick (Celebrity)
Emma Watson (Actress)
Hillary Duff (Musician)
Jessica Beil (Actress)
Katherine Heigl (Actress)
Dolly Parton (Actress, Musician)

. . . and TONS more.



20 responses

26 10 2009

i would love to find out more about this software to download and try it myself. what is the name of it and where can i find it?

27 10 2009

It’s called Adobe Photoshop. It’s pretty damn expensive, if you buy it – but I’m sure you can find it somewhere online for free.

27 10 2009

thanks for the info. if i have any problems when i find it would i be able to get some help or know a place i can get some help to use this?

27 10 2009

If you have never used PS before, you might find it slightly overwhelming. I did a Google search on the phrase ‘Photoshop tutorial’ and found tons of websites out there teaching the basics. To learn about how we make our x-rays you could take a look at the How-To vid we posted here: http://celebrityscandalxray.thumblogger.com/home/howTo.html

28 10 2009

just wanted to see if this works with photoshop cs4 extended? also if you have a chance could you show me online through messenger? i think it would be easier than watching the video if it is in a different photoshop. if not thats cool.

28 10 2009

The main tools of Photoshop haven’t really changed a whole lot in the last 15 years. The version of Photoshop in CS4 has all the same controls and tools used to make the vid. Magnetic Lasso, Layers, Dodge, Burn, Levels and Brightness/Contrast should be enough to get you going . . .

If you need to take a few days to familiarize with the basics of PS, check YouTube for tutorial vids.

If you are still having trouble after watching our how-to and getting in some practice, I’ll try to make the time for a one on one . . .

29 10 2009

I like this theme – great idea 🙂

29 10 2009

Thank you very much! 😀

15 11 2009

Looks like WP is shutting us down. The site has been frozen, so I’m doing my best to let visitors know what’s up by leaving a comment . . .

16 11 2009

keep us informed if you get a new site. i like the idea. keep up the good work.

17 11 2009

Will do. I might have been mistaken about WP shutting us down – someone from Customer Service contacted me and asked me to remove some of the links. I thought they were going to give me grief about the adult content, but nothing was mentioned . . .

Any luck with CS4, Les? Let me know if there’s anything I can do to help.

17 11 2009

I havent had any luck with figuring it out. If you could help in anyway I would really appreciate it. I got some cool pics that i want to see if I can do that to but no luck.

17 11 2009

If you haven’t watched the How-To vid, I would start there. Once you have the basic idea down, I can answer questions . . .

17 11 2009

I have watched it and i cant seem to get it to where i can see anything. i dont know what i am doing.

17 11 2009

It may just be the source image you are using? The shapes and outlines are pretty subtle, sometimes – or maybe not visible at all in some shots. I started out working on pics where the celebs were wearing clothes that were already see-through.

I would start with a shot that’s already a little bit see-through, or a pic that we have already X-Rayed.

If you think it will help, I can post one of the images I have used. Maybe that shot of Lauren Graham in the tutorial? I know there e several Jessica Simpson pics that are real straight forward, too . . .

12 12 2009

Interesting issue, did not thought this was going to be so interesting when I read the link!!

26 12 2009

http://celebsfamous.com archives quality celeb nude pics & clips online for free

11 07 2010

I love this site!!!!

29 09 2010

is this site still working? id like to see pics of lee ann womack,sara evans, kelly pickler, carrie underwood, kelly ripa

4 11 2011
Ivan Zomarrano

great site…

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