Kirsten Dunst X-Ray Gallery

We’ve been in love with Kirsten Dunst since it was legal to do so.  She is definately on our Top 10 Hotties list.  She’s given us plenty of material to work with, so let the fun begin.

We would bet on Kirsten to win in 9 out 0f 10 wet T-Shirt contests.

We would bet on Kirsten to win in 9 out 0f 10 wet T-Shirt contests.

Here's our little Kiki showin' what she's growin'.
Here’s our little Kiki showin’ what she’s growin’.

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1 01 2010

I have noticed some heads look larger than normal in proportion to bodies-see bottom picture of Kirsten Dunst for example. Does this happen as part of x-ray procedure. This makes some photos look fake. Also noticed all women have bald pussy, is this wishful thinking?

1 01 2010

All of the heads on the X-Rays are exactly the same size in the X-Rays as they are in the original images, considering they are totally unaltered. You are welcome to compare our X-Rays with the originals, if you care to put in the effort.

I guess the size of Kirsten’s head is something you could discuss with her, because it’s not a product of our efforts.

As far as the baldness goes – I believe that the process we use shows the shape of any visible anatomy, but cannot pull out anything as fine as hair. As another example, we have been able to pull out a piece of jewelry through material, but cannot see the chain it’s hanging from, once it goes beneath the clothing. Tattoos are another example – you can see that they are there, but none of the fine detail comes through.

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