Laura San Giacomo X-Ray Gallery

Laura SanGiacomo is probably best known for her role as Maya Gallo in the TV series, Just Shoot Me, but our attention is aimed at her for a couple of other reasons.  These X-Rays make us feel a little Quigley Down Under.

Laura San Giacomo Nude and See Through Clothes

Has anyone ever seen this woman's face? Not that it really matters . . .

Laura San Giacomo Nipslip

Thanks for the Mammaries, Laura.

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6 responses

9 06 2010
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8 07 2010
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22 07 2010

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30 12 2011

i want to caress laura,s bosom, kiss her bosom, and suck her beautiful nipples

2 10 2015

Yeah you ‘go’ boyyyyy! And I’m ‘going’ to be fucking that ass deep and wide while she calls me Daddy. So, thanks!

18 02 2012

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